Our prototype is based on the FPGA card the most powerful one in the world. FPGA tech is used only for the prototype and will be converted to ASICs based 14nm chips for the final product. 
The Wolf v1 may include a motherboard to avoid using PC:Controller board OS is a board based Linux operation system integrated in the Wolf V1 which work independently of your software miner.You can use Linux, Windows or Mac Os as operation systems to mine all cryptocurrency based on the SCRYPT Algorithm like Litecoin and Dogecoin. Other option to mine - the web-based management interface is included in the Wolf V1 to allow you to choose your pool|multi-pool and mine the coin automatically. Also, the Wolf v1 includes also a compatible wireless card with IEEE 802.11n standard to avoid using Ethernet cable. 
Hashing power is expected to be a minimum of 2048 Mh/s for the Wolf v2 2Gh/s version.Our ACSMA architecture is a sophisticated architecture developed from scratch by our Expert Team. The current  ACSMA API addressing scheme allow us to integrate 256 chips - which means that we can reach 8192Mh/s - depending of the chip design and a lot of other variables.
Ehsminer is a French based company with its head office in Paris, France. It  is where the legal authority is exercised in the management of the EHS company. Our development department is located in Denver - Colorado, USA.
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Shipment will depend on the number of orders we receive.A minimum of 5000 units is needed to start the manufacturing process.Estimated date: June 2018 (first come first served) 
Price is fixed at €3500/Gh/s / VAT Excluded / Shipment fees excluded PSU included (1400W) 
We accept Bitcoin, Altcoins: Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ETH, ETC, NXT, ARDOR, XRP, other crypto and bank transfer only
The product will be manufactured in the next few months. When our ASIC prototype is available, negotiation with the ASIC foundry will begin. Soon after, we will confirm all the following details: price, shipment delay, the maximum quantity, warranty, RMA, Name of the foundry and the place from where the product will be shipped. Then,we can open sales. Sales can be online via our website.
Yes, but Since we are not a storefront and due to logistics issues, we prefer that customers wait until their orders are delivered to them.
The product will be tested by the foundry before shipment, and it will be under a specific warranty. So, any customer who wants to make sure that our work is completed, he/she can visit our website to get the demo. For mass preorder, customers are invited to visit our lab in the USA, to get the demo live.
This is a specialized hardware available only upon preorder. When you preorder, the fund will be used in the build process. The build process is expensive, so approximately for 10 units, the build process will cost a 8.6 millions USD. That is why, we will open sales as batch. Batch means an open sale period with a limited quantity.Example for the Batch Process:The first batch will open in September 2017 for a limited period of sales of 1 month. For one month, the customer can preorder online or directly from our office.The second batch will open in Q1 2018 after the first batch.The minimum units of 5000 units are required to launch the process of manufacturing. Otherwise, all customers will get refund. Currently, we have already a list of purchase order of 5000 units. So be ready to be involved in the crypto mining sphere and be part of the blockchain revolution.
Like big companies like Apple, when you preorder an iphone 9 which is not manufactured yet. You do preorder to get it the first. Here the difference is that you cannot get this rare ASIC otherwise, only if you purchase it from china with a limited hashrate.
Litecoin has a very small market cap and is a rare niche. Big companies usually refuse to conduct business in small areas as they want to invest in big ones. Admittedly, nowadays, Litecoin serves a smaller market (More than $200M) which is expanding rapidly and whose existence is essential to the survival of other cryptocurrencies.Further, we talk about Litecoin and Bitcoin, a Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System without middle ware. Don’t think that big companies know yet about this philosophy, we mean about people getting the power to control/manage their own asset. TIPS:
FOMO are comming, price will spike to the moon, get your miner before the hype and secure your position.
While we are making up our minds as to when we shall begin, the opportunity is lost. - Marcus Fabius Quintilianus