Haikel worked for the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, a French public sector financial institution, where he became interested in financial technology and in new ways to disrupt the banking industry. He founded Ehsminer to provide the last innovative mining solutions to the crypto market.
Customer Service Manager
Dhouha currently works as a customer service manager for Ehsminer. She provides assistance for customers and attempts to satisfy their requirements. Dhouha worked previously as an independent translator at Socobat. She is recognized for her enthusiasm about work and strong belief in Ehsminer potential to democratize crypto payment.
Carl Carlderon
FPGA/ASIC Chief engineering
Carl has more than 25 years of strong experience in the conception and development of complex algorithms in the military and financial sectors. As former Intel engineer, he have a rich background in the mathematic and physics space. Work with Ehsminer since January 2014, has the mission of porting virtual currency algorithms to FPGA/ASIC hardware.
Mohamed Ben Jazia
Mohamed is specialized in creating large scale digital advertising systems gained through 8 years of experience at companies like Publicis, JWT & Orange. He studied at the Telecom ParisTech where he started his immersion with the peer to peer world. Mohamed is constantly learning how to build better products through enhanced user experience analysis & design thinking.
Jean-Philippe Mathes
Head of Innovation Lab at RCI Bank, Jean-Philippe has joined Ehsminer as an advisor since June 2016. A banker of 28 years of experience and visionary technologist, Jean-Philippe believes in "the big bang blockchain".