Dear Litecoiners,

We have been very busy this past year trying to deliver a low cost, lower power consumption and a very
powerful Litecoin mining solution.

We had to plan our role in this industry for the long term. This took us to evaluate our current design and make some deep changes.

This was due to the fact that the targeted 14nm process we needed to implement lacks of good SRAM solution IPs. We had to start making architecture changes to cope with this reality. 14nm is the only way so far to decrease the energy requirements for solutions in the Giga Hashes, but on the other side, this new technology is very expensive and requires all kinds of compromises. We finally found out that we needed new partners as the companies we worked with in the past had no mature 14nm process offerings .

We now have a good partner capable of delivering what we want and in a short time. We changed the code and started to redevelop a new  and less complex prototype which requires less demanding SRAM. This new IPs can be found ready and will not require additional development cycle. But we believe that our original architecture is a good match for this technology so we carried out development in parallel.

We will be giving you more updates in the coming weeks once the manufacture cycle starts. So, please bear with us. This is a very exciting project but also one that requires cutting edge technologies at several aspects including power consumption, cooling, reliability and cost efficiency.

We finally take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year.

Thank you.
TEAM Ehsminer