Ehsminer – Asic Scrypt Miner 1Gh prototype demo


Dear Litecoiners,

We’ve reached a new stage in our development of mining prototype.

Now, we have a fully- working miner architecture that can be integrated into a complete Asic solution. We have also partnered with a company which can produce a miner in 14nm Silicon.

So, in order to manufacture 1GH mining rigs in 14nm, we have to guarantee an average volume orders at affordable costs. This is considered a huge task to us since we will start leading customers who are able to order to achieve the expected figures.

At the same time, we will also continue to develop new Litecoin architectures based on our acquired experience in ACSMA.

To take full advantage of this situation, we have chosen to work on our design memory especially that we were disappointed several times trying to get IP memories required by this architecture.

This, if realized, can help us make it to the top as we will be able to control power consumption, speed and Silicon area like never before.

Please check back our pages for more updates to come on the current architecture and the future development of ACSMA.

Please note also that all customers interested in the 1GH miner could contact us by filling the form below.

Kindest regards,